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Therapeutic Service

Our framework for therapeutic child care is established from multiple concepts of how children change, develop and how we can support them therapeutically. We want to encourage, support and aid recovery for the child or young person placed within our care. We aim to provide them with a therapeutic toolbox for when they return home or move on.


We have a strong ethos and maintain encouraging principles. These include: education, therapy, family environment, Dyadic Developmental Parenting principles, PACE, therapeutic behaviour management, restorative practice, team teach, life story work and therapeutic key skills programme.


We can provide tailor-made therapeutic support to children who have complex needs and complex family networks to suit their individual needs and personality. Our homes provide an on-site therapist who is involved with the children’s daily routines.


We offer a range of specialist therapeutic services that are individualised to suit the child. These vary from individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Our approach is an integrative humanistic approach which include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person Centred Therapy (PCT), Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy principles (DDP), Comprehensive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Comprehensive Behavioural Therapy for Ticks, Life Story Work and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy.


"A parent said: ‘[Name] has made lots of progress. She has access to therapy and this has helped her a great deal."

                                                                -Ofsted inspection 2019

As we believe that it is important for independence as well as care; we provide a Therapeutic Key skills programme which enables the child or young person to become more independent. This system includes all activities to increase independence so that they are equipped for adulthood. We provide activities, key work sessions, discussions and therapy sessions to support this process, we then document this to show the child’s achievements. 


Therapeutic Restorative Parenting is a fundamental part of our therapeutic process that we use within our homes and this takes place often. This shifts the emphasis from managing and responding to conflict and anti-social behaviour to allow building, nurturing and repairing of the relationship.


We are a therapeutic community, part of The Community of Communities (C of C). The C of C’s is a quality improvement and accreditation program for Therapeutic Communities (TCs) in the UK and overseas.


Traumatised children learn with us to appreciate what a warm, loving and ordinary family life and education are like. The cycle of trauma is broken, enabling a return to mainstream family life, either in birth or foster family or on to independent living at 18+.

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