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Educational Services

“A key strength of this home is the importance staff place on maintaining the children’s and young people’s education. Staff promote engagement in learning opportunities irrespective of the challenges faced by some of the young people. As a result, all of the children and young people have benefited from greatly improved attendance and attainment. Some are successfully transitioning from school to college. These achievements are celebrated by staff, and one young person was ‘over the moon’ when she heard that she was accepted at college.”

                                                           -Quote from Ofsted inspection March 2019

One of our main principles of care is to help young people engage in education, striving for positive educational relationships. We actively promote and support the educational attainment of children.  We believe that all young people are of equal value and should be given equality of opportunity and access to resources, regardless of their sex, race, religion, ability or background.

Most of the children and young people who come to us have experienced severe disruption in their educational development, due to the trauma they have experienced in their lives.  A number of young people have never been able to manage formal school, and the majority who are placed with us will have an ECH plan and registered with the virtual school. If a young person has not got an educational resource identified at the beginning of their placement, or ready for the structure of an education facility, we provide home tuition with a qualified teacher supported by the therapeutic care team. This enables the young person to be introduced into a structured educational day and provides them with the opportunity to build their confidence and self-belief, by understanding the expectations of behaviour within a classroom environment with the support of the therapeutic team. Our therapeutic approach enables the child to achieve, share and experience success, building confidence and self-esteem.

ACS provides assistance for young people and the educational facility, working closely with the school or college which they are attending. This will be in the form of regular meetings to ensure an open line of communication and that all support necessary is offered e.g. classroom support, and school staff training such as behaviour management.

At ACS we value delivering positive outcomes to the young people's lives in our care. The diagram below shows the successes of the young people’s education since opening The Old Barn.

education results.jpg
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