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General Inquiries - 9-5 Monday-Friday

For anthing that is not a referral enquiry or jobs enquiry, we have a general inquiries line and email. If you have questions, or would like assistance or more general information into what we provide and can help you with, please get in touch.

Please do not use either of these numbers or emails if you are making a careers enquiry

Contact careers at

And go HERE for more information

To contact the Inquiries team please use the details below.



The referrals team is operated by management leaders from the care sector ensuring their ability and understanding of placing and matching young people. Referrals are responded to in a time sensitive way.

When a referral is received it is assessed, and where a possible placement is available the Registered Manager and therapist will be provided with the information. This will enable the completion of a matching assessment to the homes statement of purpose and the young people already placed within the home. The respective Social worker referring the young person will be contacted to arrange a pre-admission meeting and they will be sent the required documents including the Statement of Purpose of the home and location assessment.  During this meeting, information regarding the young person will be expected, including information on his/her social history, education reports etc. to enable a robust impact risk assessment to be completed.

The manager and therapist/staff member will arrange a visit to the young person and where appropriate parents/ significant other, giving them the opportunity to have a voice and express their wishes and feelings. At this meeting we ensure that they receive a children's guide. The young person will be given the opportunity to visit the home prior to admission.

To contact the referrals team please use the details below.



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