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Absolute Childrens Services Sponsorships

Bottesford Belles

Bottesford Belles were formed in 2015 after the community came together to demonstrate the eager demand for all-girls football facilities in the local area. After entering the 2016 Lincolnshire Girls League, the Bottesford Belles have consistently placed near, or at the top of the tables each year, as well as collecting 10 winners’ trophies from summer tournaments.

Absolute Childrens Services is committed to young people achieving positive outcomes within its care and within its community. We at ACS are proud of the achievements of the Bottesford Belles girls football team and we are proud to be a part of their achievements by sponsoring them over the past three years to ensure they have the kit to also look like champions.

Absolute childrens' services is comitted to work with the young peope and communities we look after and interact with.

Our main goal is to ensure bright futures and environments for the young people we work with, and that also includes their community. Sponsoring activities for local young people strengthens community bonds and provides assistance for families that may not otherwise be able to afford their children's participation in hobbies.

Education, sport, and safety are three key aspects to a healthy child's growth and development and funding these areas in our local communities is a priority for ACS.

Working with young people in care is so much more than what takes place within our therapeutic homes. It involves their families, friends, local clubs, and their general township. By helping to fund extra-curricular and sporting ventures in local areas we believe we can not only improve the lives of the children within our care, but also their peers.

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