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About Absolute Children's Services

Our Mission

"The registered individual and human resources director both play an active part within the home and fully support the manager and deputy. The organisation remains ambitious for the young people in its care to achieve to the best of their ability in safety. The senior management’s interactions and overview allow for the continuity of consistent care messages, notwithstanding changes in the management structure and staff team."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Quote from Ofsted Inspection report March 2018

After decades of working within social care, therapeutic and educational settings, in both the private and public sector, the Directors of Absolute Childrens Services believe that this has enabled us to evaluate where we can improve the lives of young people. We passionately believe that we can provide a bespoke quality service of care, supporting young people and those significant to them, empowering them to achieve positive aims and outcomes to transfer into adult lives.

Our mission is to deliver a service where traumatised children learn with us to appreciate what a warm, loving and stable family life and education are like. We want employees to join us, and establish a career feeling valued, supported and invested in.  We strive to encourage, support and aid recovery for the children or young people placed within our care, providing them with a therapeutic toolbox for when they return home, to foster care or move to semi-independent living.

Absolute childrens services has been in operation since January 2015. The company has Directors that have worked in the care sector since 1989, all coming from various and successful careers. All the directors entered the care sector starting their vocational careers as residential carers, soon to realise that this was the career path for them. The buzz they got from helping young people to realise that life can be good continues today. They progressed and achieved positions and qualifications in Residential care management, social work, training and health and safety. They have worked in both the private and public care sector caring for vulnerable Looked After young people with complex needs. This experience has given them the knowledge and understanding of the needs of the young people they wish to care for and the concept for the service they are providing.

We provide a therapeutic service that is enhanced by having a therapist within the team working at our homes. The Therapeutic environment is a unique family home with consistent boundaries. They are designed to ensure that each child feels comfortable and safe in their surroundings, provided with high levels of nurture and stability, as we replicate a loving family. We take great care to avoid giving any sense of institutionalisation. We understand that the capacity to develop lasting and meaningful relationships can develop in accordance with the opportunity of the child, to form secure attachments. Our homes give this opportunity.

A restorative approach is used which shifts the emphasis from managing and responding to conflict and anti-social behaviour, to the building, nurturing, and repairing of relationships. Everyone in the therapeutic community supports each other in taking responsibility for the impact that behaviour has on those around them and putting things right when they go wrong.

We are tenacious in ensuring children/young people experience a sense of stability and are passionate about them succeeding in education. We embrace the cultural diversities of all children in our care. We feel that our staff team possesses the necessary cultural training and skills, to accommodate these needs.

We understand the influence that a stable, empowered staff team through training and development, can impact on outcomes for the young people within our care. We ensure that everyone has a voice to enable the company to move forward reaching the desired outcomes for everyone.

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